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ACC 206 Week 4 Chapter 7 Exercise 3 ASHFORD HHS 440 Week 3 T

The 15-minute female orgasm and becoming a sex machine.

ACC 206 Week 4 Chapter 7 Exercise 3 ASHFORD HHS 440 Week 3 T

Postby MicCero » March 26th, 2016, 8:37 am

The income statement also known as the trading and profit and loss account is a financial statement, which helps to calculate the gross profit and the net profit of the company for a particular year. Most of the businesses prepare the income statement because they compare revenues with expenses and check the performance. If the revenue exceeds the expenses, the business has earned a profit and vice versa. The information contained in the income statement is not only, but also useful for the internal users of the business such as the managers and owners but however it is also useful for the external users such as government, investors and creditors’. 2. A variety of depreciation methods are used to allocate the cost of an asset to all of the accounting periods benefited by the use of the asset. Your client has just purchased a piece of equipment for $100,000. Explain the concept of depreciation. Which of the following depreciation methods would you recommend: straight-line depreciation, double declining balance method, or an alternative method?
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