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Topics related to losing 100+ pounds, ab exercises that actually work and Occam’s Protocol.

Postby vilopghtpk » March 29th, 2016, 1:05 am

1. Connect several erogenous zones
Are you decide to raise your passion to the Nth degree to get back absolutely crazy pleasure? To do nothing to stimulate two erogenous zones simultaneously . The easiest way is to establish a connection between a body part (eg, nipples, ears, neck or thigh) with the penis . Once you've done it , you'll see how this double stimulation triggers your pleasure to levels never imagined. It starts stimulating not only the penis, but also any other area with which you will give a double dose of pleasure never forget.
2. Discover the Eastern erotic secrets
The secret is a technique that dominate all Eastern expert of love and basically consists of "milk you " the member by contractions of the inner muscles of the vagina, called pubcoccígeos, PC for short. In countries like Thailand women who dominate these muscles so they are able to throw balls from inside the abundant vaginal or even inhale the cigarette smoke. It is not intended to reach these levels of professionalism, but to make the most of the possibilities of your body. ! Even the most hidden To master the technique need to control your vaginal hundred percent muscles. To do so, simply to stop the flow of urine: the same gesture is what allows you to become what the Kamasutra called a " gripper ", ie, a woman capable of massaging the penis of her lover from inside the vagina.
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