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Postby Blayne » April 22nd, 2011, 12:42 am

A variety of miscellaneous common questions. I'll leave them here until I get a few more for a particular subject area, and then spin off a separate post for the group.

Q. Is it ok to eat more than an hour after waking?

A. Tim is pretty clear on this in 4HB. Not only is this listed as the number 1 Common Mistake, he goes on to state: "Skip breakfast, forget to eat within one hour of waking, and you will fail."

This is really one of the most important aspects of the SCD plan, and at best, you will likely see diminished results if you skip or delay breakfast.

Q: I feel really bloated and cramped after eating. Is this normal?

A: No. It could be caused by eating far too much or the oligosaccharides in the beans. If it's the former, make your meals smaller and eat more often. If it's the latter, make sure you are preparing your beans correctly. If using dried beans, be sure to soak them, (except for lentils), for 24 hours. Then you dispose of the soaking water, rinse the beans, and boil them in fresh water.Alternatively, you could use canned beans. If you are still feeling bloated and cramped, try using an enzyme supplement, such as Beano or Bean-zyme.
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