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on 4hb for a few months now

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on 4hb for a few months now

Postby underscoredot » September 26th, 2015, 5:20 am

I kinda like the diet, especially the cheat day. I don't have a lot of problems coping with the cravings but they are clearly there.
Basically no weight loss - gaining and losing the same weight in the week. Not a real problem, I am slightly overweight - I just don't want to gain more weight.
I am eating the same stuff almost daily - salad / fish / meat / beans / eggs / spinach and vegetables. No problem for me and it enables me to tweak the diet if needed. I started to include wine to stop cravings and add more variety, but I don't think that helps a lot. So now I restrict intake to only one bottle of wine per week - starting on cheat day until it is empty.
Success stories on the diet are probably from folks who were eating a lot of carbs - if you already restricted your carb intake I don't think this diet will help you unless you like the idea of a cheat day or/and the experiment.
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