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Postby seanklowe » February 2nd, 2011, 1:07 pm

I have been on/off diets/workouts, etc. I play kickball consistently, and notice that after more than two days of intense sprint exercises my right calf muscle strains and causes a lot of discomfort (specifically the muscle running from behind the outside ankle, up to the length of the leg to the mid calf.) Recovery seems to be pretty long, and because we have weekly games, I never get full recovery until the off-season. I have been doing at home sprint training (hoping to fix this), and the other day it got strained again. I have a few weeks before the season starts. Would love to know suggestions on how to fix this so I am not in pain for another entire kickball season.
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Re: Question

Postby phillcoxon » February 4th, 2011, 1:06 am

seanklowe wrote: Would love to know suggestions on how to fix this so I am not in pain for another entire kickball season.

Hi there.

You need to get your physical structure examined to determine where the imbalance is.

My recommendation is to find a local Egoscue clinic ( Pete Egoscue has developed a system of identifying and providing simple exercises to correct dysfunction and imbalance.

It is absolutely amazing but you also have to accept it is not an instant fix. Many people have to keep doing their daily Egoscue routine for 8-10 weeks without feeling any real change and then suddenly, wham, their pain goes away.

You've got to consider that if you've spent 15-20 years creating dysfunction it's going to take a month or two to really start having an impact. The Egoscue exercises target the CAUSE instead of temporarily creating a band aid solution by focusing on the immediate symptoms.

Your tight calf is a symptom of the problem. The cause is more likely to be in your hips or even your neck and shoulders.

Apart from that I can also very, very highly recommend getting a foam roller and spending time each day rolling the key muscle groups in your legs and back.

I do it while watching TV. Initially it's very painful but you'll start to feel the results within a week when your muscle start to relax and move back into a balanced position.

The next step up from a foam roller is something like the equipment.

It's VERY expensive but it is fantastic. Worth every cent. Get the Quadballer and Footballer start rolling out those muscle groups. Again, I do it in front of the TV.

I absolutely recommend you get at least one of the TPTherapy training DVDs to show you how to roll properly - it makes an immense difference.

As an example, my left leg has been locked up solid for years creating knee problems and weakness in my right leg. I had a point in my left calf muscle that could not be touched with more than light pressure - anything else and I would almost scream in agony. 4 years of deep tissue massage therapy has not been able to improve that incredibly painful area.

A week ago I received my Footballer and have been rolling my calves on my coffee table while sitting and watching TV. I think I did 3 x 20 minute sessions.

This morning I went to my next deep tissue massage and that point of agony was completely gone. I couldn't believe it. My massage therapist couldn't believe it... and there is still plenty of work to be done on returning balance to my legs.

Take responsibility for identifying and working on your on structural issue for a small amount each day and in many cases you'll be on the way to full functional health very soon without the need for medications, surgery or other treatments.
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Re: Question

Postby FTW » February 26th, 2011, 12:13 am

+1 on the trigger point grid roller. I have a leg length deficiency due to a nasty fracture that was repaired using a titanium tibial nail (an internal rod that runs the entire length of the tibia). I run about 40K per week and couldn't do it without two things, Vibram Five Fingers and my grid foam roller.
I would add some static stretching immediately following your sport activity. It should help some.

Incidentally, If you have a sit-on-your-butt-all-day type of job, (as I do) your hip flexors are probably too tight, and your glutes are probably too weak. Kettlebells (especially swings and windmills) can help you overcome this. They have made a world of difference for me.
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Postby Mamukdush » March 8th, 2016, 11:49 am

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